• Matt Pedrick

This week, we worked on bringing a Porsche Boxster S back to it's former glory.

This assignment was for one of our regular customers, based in Ashburton, who had a full detail carried out by us in September last year. However, the appalling weather we've been having of late is giving many of our clients sleepless nights when it comes to keeping their cars looking good.

So, we were duly booked in to help freshen up this lovely Boxster S. At the same time, we suggested that the car would benefit from some soft top protection, just because we didn't think our client was going to be taking this roof down any time soon!

8am Matt collected the car from the customer and got to work. We started off using Autosmart Snowfoam Pro as the prewash. There was a substantial substantial amount of road dirt and traffic film, but this removes dirt without causing damage.

9am: We then used Autoglym Liquid Clay, which was sprayed on and used to remove iron filings stuck to the paint. We then used Autofinesse wheel brushes, which made really easy work of removing brake dust.

The interior of the car definitely needed some attention, as trips to the beach and woods with the dog had played havoc with the lovely leather interior. So a safe leather deep clean brought the seats back to life, whilst the rest of the cabin had a deep clean as well.

As this car turns heads it needed to look spot on the outside as well as inside. We used Autosmart tar remover as the first step for the full exterior detail. Then we moved onto a single stage paint enhancement using Koch Chemie polish to remove light swirls.

Absolutewax ceramic wax was then applied, which will give our client around 6 months protection on their paintwork. It was during the safe wash, that we realised that the soft top very little protection on it. So we used Gtechniq fabric protection to ensure it was fully waterproofed ready for whatever the Devon weather cared to throw at it.

Finally, we polished both the inside and outside of the glass and then just the final finishing details were completed.

The customer was delighted and it's another job that we're really proud of. Whilst it's great fun working on cherished prestige cars which are always kept in pristine condition, we love a challenge. There's nothing like helping a regular customer bring their car back to showroom condition, so they drive away feeling fabulous!

If you'd like to know more about how we could transform your car from grubby to gorgeous, why not give us a call for a quotation?

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