With our regular maintenance detail packages, we can ensure that your car looks its best at all times. From safe washes to monthly wax top-ups, we can design a bespoke package to meet your needs.







Starting with a Ph neutral snow foam, the safe wash removes stubborn dirt and road grime on the surface of the paint. Removing the dirt first prevents light swirls appearing in your paintwork.

After the snow foam pre-wash your vehicle will be thoroughly washed by hand to reveal the glossy finish beneath, then air-dried for minimal contact with the paint. 

If keeping your car in pristine condition at all times is a priority, then we offer a regular monthly detailing service.

Our aim is to protect the exterior paintwork by using a safe wash followed by a decontamination process to keep it glossy and finally a nano paint sealant for 3 months protection against road grime. We then work on the interior of your car to remove any dust and dirt and to keep everything smelling like new.

Prestige and classic car owners are often looking for a higher level of care and finish on their vehicle. We will visit you monthly and assess what work needs to be done depending on the condition of your car on the day. We'll then complete a full bespoke detail there and then. Rest assured that we have an eye for detail to match your own!

We work on the interior of the car to bring it back to pristine condition. The exterior receives the same level of attention with a 6-month ceramic wax application to repel dirt and protect the paintwork.