The single most important stage of prestige car care

To get the right finish on any vehicle, we always start with the safe wash process. 

If your car isn't washed with the right care and products, over time your paintwork can dull and become scratched.

With MCP Detailing's fully mobile unit we'll come to your home or place of work to wash your car.

We use the correct techniques to minimise the risk of creating swirls and imperfections in the paint.

What's Included?

  • Autosmart snow foam pre-wash is used to lift and remove surface dirt and traffic film

  • Window seals, badges and grills are washed with a safe wash detailing brush

  • Two-bucket safe wash with IGL microfibre mitt

  • Wheels are cleaned with Autoglym iron remover, including the back of the rim included

  • Your car is air-dried so there is minimal contact with the paint.

  • IGL Enhancer 3 month protective sealant.