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Nissan GTR, IGL Coating Maintenance

The best way to look after your ceramic coating and to prolong its life. The best part, it only takes a few hours to complete. Either use MCP Detailing to maintain your car or follow this Blog and give ago yourself.

The IGL maintenance package is aimed to give you the best results of the coating and to make it last for as long as possible. But also make your car look its best.

First stage is a quick visual check of the car to see if there's any noticeable issues with the coating, if it all looks good its then onto the pre wash stage. Using IGL Blizzard to safely remove the top layer of dirt for a scratch free safe wash.

After a very thorough rinse down, its time for the two bucket wash system, IGL Wash is the shampoo of choice, an Eco friendly shampoo to safely clean the surface of the car.

Once the car has had a safe wash and decontamination using IGL Iron to remove any brake dust stuck to the paint.

It's then dried using a plush drying towel and an air blower to remove water sitting in all the gaps.

During the wash process, this is a great time to see what the water behaviour is like, if the water is running off the paint perfectly then that's great, if it looks like it holding back and clinging to the surface. This means that you have water spots dried onto the coating. IGL Delete water spot rover is the perfect product and is designed for unclogging ceramic coatings. Simply apply to cloth and gently wipe the water spots away. Doing this can actually bring your coating back to brand new again.

The final product to use is IGL Enhancer, this doesn't only just add protection. but also cleans the coating further. Adding additional protection helps prolong the life of the coating and looks after your investment.

Finish off with all the smaller details, clean the glass, wheels, door shuts and shine the tyres to really make this maintenance package work.

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