• Matt Pedrick

Ford Focus RS Ceramic Coating.

This is why safe washes work so well.

The second time seeing this Focus RS for a Ceramic Coating. The first time was in 2018 and the car received a Gtechniq Ceramic Coating. Two years later its back again for an IGL Quartz + Ceramic Coating.

The owner of this stunning RS understands the importance of safe washing your car. The past two years he's been washing and maintaining his vehicle the correct way. Resulting in very minimal swirls and scratches.

A total of 30 hours work went into this second Ceramic Coating, plus 12 hours curing time.

Due to the vehicle having had a coating already, it meant that the entire car had to be re machine polished to remove all the previous product and then correct the paint, ready for the new IGL ceramic coating. All that was needed was a single stage machine polish to remove the minor imperfections and refine the bodywork.

Overall the entire exterior of the car was coated. From the body work down to the wheel nuts. The paint work, glass, wheels, callipers and wheel arches were all protected using IGL Ceramic Coatings. Now fully protected and with 3 years durability.

This vehicle was a pleasure to work on and the customer was over the moon with the results from MCP Detailing.

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