• Matt Pedrick

The First Ferrari Detailed!!

Every car gets the same treatment no matter if it's high end or a daily driver. Here at MCP Detailing we're passionate about car care and offer the same level of detailing to every client.

This is the first Ferrari detail I have ever done. When I first started detailing I would've been nervous about touching this vehicle, but now, many years on. I have the confidence and experience to tackle every job. A popular deep clean detail was carried out using all IGL eco friendly products.

Arriving at 8:30 I met the client and had a quick discussion about his new California just to see if there where any defects he's picked up on since owning the vehicle.

Firstly I started the Safe wash to remove the dirt and grime on the body work and wheels. IGL Iron Fallout was used for the paint decontamination removing contaminates stuck to the paint work. After a soft plush drying towel removed excess water on the car to stop water spots appearing.

The Interior detail was started next. Safely cleaning the leather and plastics removing ground in dirt and grime, leaving a fresh new car feel. A thorough hoover was done as well, along with cleaning the floor mats and interior glass for a smear free finish.

With the Safe Wash, Decontamination and Interior detail done, its time for the exterior detail. Safely removing the tar spots using IGL Tar remover, I then sealed the paint work using IGL Premier, a 6 month sealant to protect from the elements. All the other exterior details where complete, Glass, Wheels and tyres, Engine bay detail, Door shuts and exhaust tips. The vehicle has now joined my bi monthly maintenance plan to keep it looking great all year round.

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