• Matt Pedrick

Old But Gold

This week, I was booked to work our magic on a 16-year-old Land Rover Discovery. End to end, this amazing transformation took 15 hours to complete!

We kicked off at at 7am with the Safe Wash process using Autosmart Snowfoam Pro to remove all the green around the windows, bumpers and badges. The vehicle isn't washed regularly as it only does around 1500 miles per year.

8:30am the old girl was the clay barred, as the iron filings on the paintwork were quite substantial. We'd normally use Autoglym liquid clay, but on this occasion we needed something more substantial to remove the build up. Clay bars are a safe way to remove anything stuck to the paint that can't be seen by the naked eye, only leaving behind minor swirls, which is easily sorted out by machine polishing.

9:30am we started on the interior of the vehicle which was surprisingly clean, due to the low mileage. We did have some mould to deal with, so using Autosmart G101 removed this easily, leaving a clean bacteria-free surface. The cream leather need a proper deep clean as 16 years of use had taken its toll. We used Gtechniq leather cleaner, to bring the leather back to life. And followed up by sealing with Gtechniq Leather Guard for the ultimate finish. Then all plastics and carpets were thoroughly cleaned and protected.

By 2pm we cracked on with the outside of the vehicle again and started the taping up to protect the plastic wheels arches and plastic trims from the machine polisher. Whilst this fiddly task takes a while, it's essential to protect any plastic on the bodywork when carrying out any paint correction or paint enhancement.

2:30pm we started the paint correction process. First using the Dewalt rotary polisher to remove the heavier imperfections and scratches. We then changed to the Autobrite Direct Dual Action polisher to refine the paint work, to add clarity and gloss.

The client asked was keen to try and restore and protect the faded wheel arches. We used Gtechniq permanent trim restorer. Which took the dull and faded plastic almost back to looking like new. A final clean in the engine bay and some the final touches and this marathon job was complete.

Our client came to us to collect his car and seeing the look of astonishment on his face when he saw his car was well worth all the blood, sweat and tears we put into this job. He's now decided to have his Land Rover detailed once a year, as he was so impressed with the results we were able to achieve.

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