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Double trouble - Tesla Model S and Porsche Cayenne S

Another local client has started using us for the regular maintenance for their Tesla and Porsche. Living on Dartmoor means that both cars end up getting covered in mud pretty much as soon as we've finished cleaning them. At the end of the day, those cars aren't for show, they're there to do a job for a busy family, but transporting kids and dogs also takes it out on the interiors too.

That's where MCP Detailing comes in, our job is to stay on top of things to keep these cars in good condition.

Our mobile unit is ideal for these busy clients. They can leave their cars on the drive and we turn up and get on with the job - whilst they get on with their day.

What's also really helped keep these cars looking good is that we've already applied a ceramic coating on both vehicles when they were new. This gives much needed protection against hedge-line scratches, grit, salt and the inevitable cow poop.

For the Tesla, as this car travels up to London weekly, we usually start with a bug and fly remover on all forward facing surfaces prior to commencing the safe wash process. Once the safe wash is complete the car is then dried with a specialist car air blower, although very weather dependent being on Dartmoor.

The interior is next, starting with a thorough hoover to remove all loose dirt, dog hair and crumbs, the leather usually needs mud and dirt removed. Having applied Gtechniq leather guard on a previous visit, just a simple all purpose cleaner and a microfibre cloth brings it back to new. All plastics and trim are cleaned and dust removed, interior glass is polished to remove all the nose marks from the dogs. And finally we finish off by cleaning door shuts and dressing the tyres.

For the Porsche, as it gets used as mum's taxi daily, it seems to collect all the dirt and mud from the moorland roads. It's usually thick with mud top to bottom, so it gets a pre-pressure wash to remove the main bulk of mud before the snow foam is applied and the safe wash can commence. Some very fancy wheels mean these need a bit more attention than usual so using safe brushes and cleaner we remove all brake dust and left over dirt. Unlike the Tesla, the engine bay gets a clean as well to keep it looking fresh.

The interior receives the same as the Tesla but the glass is polished to remove finger prints from the kids. Then all surfaces are cleaned and dusted to make bring them back to when Gtechniq leather guard was applied. And finally, as on the Tesla we finish off the tyres and door shuts.

Over the winter months, we're doing fortnightly visits to stay on top of things, but we're likely to drop this back to monthly once the weather improves.

There's a bit of a competition in this household over who has the best car. I'm afraid my money's on the Cayenne, just because I'm a petrol-head at heart. But even I have to admit, the acceleration in the Tesla is very impressive - I'm trying not to take sides!

If you'd like to find out more about our regular maintenance packages and how this can be a cost effective way to maintain your vehicle, please get in touch.

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