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Bringing the outside in!

We recently completed an interior deep clean on a 2019 Ford Ranger. This was one of the worst interiors we've seen on such a new vehicle, but we're always up for a challenge!

An early start - dust-busting

Arriving at 8am, we got to work with our Numatic hoover to remove all the loose dirt and rubbish off the carpet. This took around one and a half hours, but it's really vital to start with a clean interior.

The next step was to work from the top down, cleaning and scrubbing the dashboard, all plastic trims, side steps and any other plastic components. All these parts were cleaned with AutoGlym super interior cleaner, using a combination of sponges, brushes and detailing brushes. The latter are used to remove all ground in dirt from the plastics. We like Autofinesse detailing brushes, which make easy work removing dirt and dust from the air vents and small gaps.


Leather seats are generally easier to clean than really dirty cloth seats. However, the Ford Ranger has some nice details in the interior, including fancy material running down both sides of the seats. So, this had to be shampooed to bring the fabric back to a new-like condition. Then the leather was cleaned using magic sponges and Gtechniq W5 citrus all-purpose cleaner to remove all ground in dirt. Then seat mounts and runners were cleaned as well using AutoGlym super interior.


Going back to work on the carpet, we used a dry scrubbing brush. This technique is a trick of the trade and removes the stubborn dirt that won't come out just by hoovering.

The floor mats usually take the full brunt of the dirt, which is obviously the point of having them. So the quickest and best way to clean them is to pressure wash, then shampoo, then wet vacuum. It really gets rid of even heavily damaged mats.

The finishing touches

We already deep cleaned all surfaces, now it was just a matter of protecting them against the rigours of daily use. Personally, the best way to achieve lasting protection is to ceramic coat all surfaces, but the client didn't want to do this. So instead we used AutoSmart Pazzaz to protect the surfaces. The client also invested in some new seat covers to keep the dirt off.

The inside glass was then polished to remove finger prints and dog nose marks, giving it a nice clear finish.

The whole job took around 4 hours to complete. Take a look at our gallery for the before and after photos.

If you've got a work vehicle which could do with the MCP Detailing, why not get in touch?

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