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Aston Martin Vanquish and Mercedes GTC AMG Ceramic Coating.

Updated: May 4, 2020

Being trusted to work on any car is a privilege, but being asked to look after an Aston Martin Vanquish and a Mercedes GTC is something we're really proud of. These cars are just two vehicles from a wider prestige collection, and one of the best we've ever worked on. On this occasion we had the joy of carrying out a Gtechniq ceramic coating package for both cars.


Snow Foam - Decontamination

As always, we start any job with using Autosmart ultra mouse snow foam to remove any dirt sitting on the paint work. After carrying out a two bucket wash system to properly wash both cars, we then started on the decontamination process. This is best carried out by using Autoglym liquid clay to remove fallout which has stuck to the surface. All wheels and other surfaces were also cleaned during this process.


Inspecting the paint prior to machine polishing is key, as removing imperfections prior to applying the Gtechniq ceramic coating is vital to ensure a perfect finish. After the vehicles were dried off, we used artificial light to thoroughly check each panel to determine the best method to remove light swirls in the paint.

Both the Aston Martin and Mercedes have very low mileage and have been well maintained, so the imperfections we found in the paint were minimal.

Paint Correction

After thoroughly inspecting both cars, we used the Autobrite DA12 and Koch Chemie single stage polish on both cars. This removed all imperfections and gave us a slick glass-like finish ready for the coatings.

Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

The next step after machine polishing is to remove all the oils and polish sitting on the bodywork. This allows the ceramic coating to have maximum bondage with the paint work. We achieve this by using Gtechniq panel wipe.

The coating product has a seven hour application process, followed by a 12-hour curing time. First we applied a

a base coat, called Crystal Serum Light which has a three hour curing time. As we were working on both cars simultaneously, we applied both base coats concurrently. After this had cured, we then applied the hydrophobic top coat ExoV4.

Wheels and Roof

Ceramic coatings aren't just to protect your car's bodywork. Both cars will probably never be driven in the rain, but just in case, we apply the ceramic coat to both soft tops to keep them waterproof.

All eight wheels were removed, then cleaned, decontaminated and coated using Gtechniq wheel armour. This is perfect for high-end wheels as it can withstand the heat from the brakes. We also cleaned and coated all the brake callipers.

Our customer was delighted with the results and this was a job which we really enjoyed. We hope you like the results too!

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